ⓇⒺⓋⒾⒺⓌ All Roads Lead to Hades by K.S. Morgan

*Disclaimer: a free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

“For our generation walks as in Hades, without the divine.” – Friedrich Hölderlin

Jamie Brooks returns to the small town of Greendell where it all began. A stranger offers him a room for rent for a paltry sum and Jamie accepts. His landlord Kyle appears to know so much about Jamie’s past and vows to protect him. Jamie is conflicted and wants to trust Kyle despite the latter’s secretive ways. He takes a risk anyway and gives in to their mutual attraction. However, Jamie’s stalker is still out there biding his time…

From the get go, a lot of things in the book screamed red flag for me – Kyle, Jamie, the stalker and Kyle and Jamie’s “twisted” love affair. Despite all those warning signs, my curiosity was more than piqued. With a morbid fascination, I kept on reading and did not stop until I was done. My eyes bugged out more often than I could remember doing so while reading this book.

At first, I could not believe how foolish Jamie was in trusting Kyle easily and allowing himself to fall for the guy that quick. I also could not believe how strange Kyle’s behavior was and how obsessive he was  over Jamie. Later on, as secrets were revealed and the truth started trickling in, I understood somehow and I felt sorry for both of them especially for the childhood trauma they suffered through and how their past affected them as adults.

The big reveal was a bit predictable for me but the details leading up to it and what happened afterwards held my attention. Author K.S. Morgan sure knows how to spin a tale fraught with tension and surprises. The romantic angle, though, was a tad unrealistic at first but considering the circumstances,  I was willing to accept it for what it was.

As a whole, the story was dark and convoluted and a far cry from the usual M/M romance I get to read. It may not be for everyone and may not meet some reader’s expectations. However, I did enjoy this psychological thriller. Otherwise, I would have rather slept than stayed up late again and finished it in one sitting.

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