The A to Z Reading Challenge is a personal crusade this 2016. Since I won’t be beholden to any reading challenges going on in other blogs, I alone am responsible for the list of books, rules and progress. This is also one way for me to clean up my ever expanding TBR pile. I will set up a page exclusively for this so I can keep track of things.

My rules:

  • read LGBTQIA-themed books with titles beginning with a letter of the alphabet:
    • all genres within the LGBTQIA spectrum are welcome except those with BDSM and zombies
    • no restrictions on length and/or book format
    • no restrictions on how many books as long as by the end or close to the end of 2016, all letters of the alphabet are covered
  • if no title is available for a particular letter of the alphabet like Q, X, Y and Z:
    • a word within the title that has that letter or sounds like that letter will do (e.g. letter Y – boy, gay, why, etc; letter X – ex-, next, etc.) OR
    • the author’s first or last name which begins with or has that letter will be used instead (e.g letter X – Alex, Xavier, etc.; letter Z – Zane, Zandra, etc.)

Wish me luck!

Challenges in life can either enrich you or poison you. You are the one who decides.

Steve Maraboli


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