Book Loot #2


The last time I did a post like this was ages ago – June 4, 2015 to be exact! Since then, I’ve accumulated a number of ebooks but didn’t seem to have the energy to post about them until today. I should really do this more often.

Here’s what I grabbed off Amazon yesterday:

I was thrilled to download 7 freebies from author Carol Davis. 6 of these were Books 1 to 6 of a series!

Book Links

He’s The One Series by Carol Davis

Book 1 – If Not For Charlie: Amazon

Book 2 – His Unforgivable Soup: Amazon

Book 3 – Another Dad For Chloe: Amazon

Book 4 – Dylan’s Valentine: Amazon

Book 5 – Finally Home: Amazon

Book 6 – Mr. and Mr. Smith: Amazon

Love on the Rocks: Spring Break in Vegas by Carol Davis: Amazon

Something Wicked by Robin Moray: Amazon


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