ⓇⒺⓋⒾⒺⓌ Sin Eater 1.2 by Pavarti K Tyler & Jessica West


“Keep away. The sow is mine.” – William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist

Father Zelophehad heard Nikolai Grekh’s desperate call. He finds Nik and takes him back to the sanctuary of his church and private quarters but the last demon Nik fought refuses to leave and seeks another host…

The second episode in the Sin Eater serial has grown darker, more emotional and more intense. Nik is almost killed and has sustained a lot of physical injuries. He would have died had it not been for Zeph’s aid. Nik’s battles with demons are getting worse. These hellish beings are evolving into something Nik had never encountered before. There was even one chapter depicting possession and religious articles that was so extreme, blasphemous and profane to my “non-practicing” Catholic sensibilities that I could not help but cringe. However, such was the risk I took when I read this episode and the aforementioned chapter really did shake me up.

More characters are introduced and we are allowed brief access inside the sanctum sanctorum of the shadowy Old Order. One also gets to read about Zeph’s abusive childhood including some information regarding why Nik happened to be a Sin Eater. The details were still not enough and they only piqued my curiosity further. A couple of questions I had in mind while reading Episode 1.1 were answered somehow regarding Nik and Zeph’s relationship vis-a-vis their homosexuality and religious beliefs. The issues involved are deeper and more complex and as I mentioned before in my 1.1 review, I would like to see how things sort themselves out in the next episodes.

In the meantime, the bizarre turn of events at the morgue and the last chapter gave me goosebumps. Everything looked grim and desperate at this point. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for some positive outcome.

Once again, authors Pavarti K Tyler and Jessica West did an excellent job with their writing. They minced no words in shocking the hell out of me (no pun intended!). Although, this may be a dark fantasy involving demons and arcane rituals, one cannot deny or ignore the fact that evil does exist in the world today. We only have to look around and witness or hear about its myriad manifestations.

This installment deserves a rating of:

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