ⓇⒺⓋⒾⒺⓌ Healing Fire by Sean Michael


Prince Jules has lived most of his life sequestered in his rooms away from everyone else. Rarely does he see his siblings and his father the Dragon King. Keeping Jules company are his books and his faithful guardian Mabon. Everything is about to change when the Graithen attack and Mabon is killed resulting in Jules acquiring a new bodyguard Lem.

Sean Michael’s Healing Fire centers on dragon shifters and how Jules and Lem’s love affair began and blossomed.

The writing was well done. For the most part, the sentences were simply written and there was nothing wrong about that. However, considering the book’s content and its intended audience , I find that the words employed were too simple for my taste. It was this manner of presentation that I found a little awkward. It was as if Jules’ and Lem’s story was being told to young children at bedtime. This was the impression I got while reading the book. I wish the “attack” were different and that the author would have chosen a more mature and suitable vocabulary.

The intimate scenes were smoldering though. Lem and Jules were insatiable and very much in love with each other. I liked how Lem was faithful to his duties as a guardian and how he never failed in his promises to Jules. As for Jules, I also liked how he broke free from his innocence and learned the ways of the world with Lem guiding him all throughout.

It was only in the last section of the story that the reader gets to learn the whole history of why Jules was kept away, who he really was, why the Graithen wanted him and what he was capable of. I thought the latter was critical  and I wish it were given more coverage.

Overall, I liked the book. It was about dragons after all and these winged creatures have always fascinated me. Reading about them in an erotic fantasy kept that fascination alive and burning for more.

This book deserves a rating of:

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