ⓇⒺⓋⒾⒺⓌ Far From Hollywood by Daisy Harris


Blake Tyler, Hollywood star, took a hard fall – literally. From fame to shame, he hides out in the small town of Pookataw Valley, Idaho to get away from it all. On one of his rounds, Sheriff Jack Francis drops by Blake’s home and saves the fallen idol from his drunken stupor.

Far from Hollywood, Blake tries to live a normal life and begins to have an affair with Jack. Although his family is aware of his sexual preference, Jack is not ready yet to let the rest of the world know. His job and his family’s safety and security are on the line. But as Blake slowly reinvents himself and the press gets wind of it, Jack must choose whether to stay in the closet or not if he wants to keep Blake and his love.

Daisy Harris’ novel Far From Hollywood is part of ARe Books’ latest Out For You Collection.

The main plot is pretty straightforward and so was the author’s way of handling it. The book was fast-paced and readable. The length was just right enough to lay everything out and resolve any loose ends.

I liked it that the author made her secondary characters stand out and gave them importance as well. Their stories added more color, conflict and intrigue to the story.

Another thing I liked was that the intimacy between Blake and Jack was a departure from the usual fare of graphic, steamy, sweaty, unbridled sex I get to read. This time, it was different and quite mild by comparison. As a result, it came out more natural, more realistic.

I also give credit to Ms. Harris for the character development of her two protagonists – Blake’s struggles adapting to real life, just being himself yet at the same time longing for the lights, fanfare and glitter of Hollywood; Jack’s concerns for his responsibilites to the town, sister and niece vis-a-vis his own happiness and love for Blake.

As a whole, I enjoyed the book. Its direct and “less is more” approach was a refreshing diversion.

This book deserves a rating of:

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